When the other party was standing on the top of Yuan Ye’s head, the soil Yuan Ye suddenly burst into a poisonous snake hole and rushed to the ground. His hand, the three-skill purgatory sword J, was struck by a dazzling light towards the door G Luan Mu.

Door G Luan Mu exclaimed. He obviously didn’t expect Yuan Ye to lie in the ground and his feet suddenly changed, which made him frightened. But after all, he was a master of six peaks. Although he knew that he had avoided the fierce blow, he was able to respond to the sudden shock before landing, and then he went backwards. At the same time, his hands were pushed forward with great force to hit an avalanche of palm force.
It’s a pity that although the door G Luan Mu reacted to God, it was too late to push the palm in a hurry. After all, the blazing sword awn had already rushed into the other body first. Later, his palm became a dying struggle, and his strong palm surged towards Yuan Ye, but Yuan Ye’s left hand resolved the right hand sword and urged the sword awn to be materialized. But it had already penetrated the door G Luan Mu’s abdomen, and the blood gushed out and the fog transpiration.
Around the late master now this amazing change dozens of people rushed to here, but when they rushed to the crowd, the battle was over. Chapter DiYiQiEr gambler’s heart.
Chapter DiYi172 Gamblers’ hearts rush to the snail. At this moment, although many masters have come to the front, Yuan Ye has not retreated. Instead, he strode forward with a long sword and waved his sword again. Changhong jdang started a storm, and the door G Luan wood body was shattered and scattered everywhere, and people rushed to dodge.
Ah, the ego wants you to die not far away, screaming like a mad dog, and rushing over like crazy.
I’m going to cut you to pieces. I want you to die again. A six-turn-the-peak, strong and late fuck is going crazy.
Haha, I said later that if you dare to chase after me, you will disappear completely. Wan Zunxing, are you kidding me? We will slowly play with Yuan Ye’s sword, wield a firm but gentle sword, and turn it into a sharp edge, just like crossing a long comet. The harsh light shines in every inch, and jdang is invincible. People can stop it.
Several weapons cracked in the venue, and many hand weapons were shattered by firm but gentle, and several weak late masters were instantly penetrated into the body.
However, there are too many late family members, and all of them are not weak. Many people suddenly and violently blocked Yuan Ye’s way at the same time, and they shouted that there was less life.
Return your mother’s head and go with you, you damn fool. Go and be a ghost. Yuan Ye moved. I’m really angry. I didn’t expect people to stop him. The six peaks and late horses behind him attacked behind him. Two stronger ones must be in a hurry. They can’t rush through the front. It’s really dangerous to be surrounded. The terrain here is not good and it’s very conducive to encirclement.
Die Yuan Ye sword split and the sword awn shattered. The man in front smashed his arm with a pike, but the other side didn’t flinch and attacked him with his bare hands. Several other young people also attacked him with swords.
Yuan Ye flush a sense of force, these people actually this car-scrapping didn’t say that those negative angles S are generally afraid of death, which made him feel later than a headache after such a barrier behind the attack. The palm force has hit Yuan Ye’s front.
Yuan Ye swore at him, and eventually he fell into the encirclement.
Soon firm but gentle vertical and horizontal war in this dense forest exhibition.
This late family was all fierce and not afraid of death, especially the late exercise was like a life-threatening attack on him. It was a life-and-death play and some six-level masters helped Yuan Ye. He felt that he couldn’t even stand up when he was half scented. When Yuan Ye struggled for a few minutes, he felt physically and mentally exhausted and was surrounded by more than 20 people.
You perverts Yuan Ye cursed him and knew that if you don’t rush to wait for the latter two to come there, you really can’t escape.
You watch Yuan Ye suddenly drink a lot and count the gold, green and S at the same time, and then shoot away in all directions regardless of consumption. Suddenly, these three cents are overwhelming to shoot people who dare to get in the way and attack others.
If Yuan Ye couldn’t resist the attack on the head, he would fight with each other.
Straight, straight.
In Yuan Ye’s hard work, more than ten people died in his family. At the same time, more than a dozen swords were cut in Yuan Ye’s body, and Yuan Ye’s clothes were cut into rags. The secret gold S-day armor inside article 1.
More than a dozen weapons full of quarrelling didn’t break the armor defense, but the huge impact also made him fly sideways, and Yuan Ye’s mouth spewed with blood. In the process, while watching those masters, they also attacked him with fierce strength.
Yuan Ye felt as if his insides were churning up, which was more intense than his suffocating pain. All the people flew overhead and staggered to the ground.
However, Chi Cao followed Yuan Ye in a flash when he fell to the ground. Without looking back, he even waved five swords and split a dazzling shock wave. Then he ran along the small slope.
Stay late fuck roared and shot several times in a row, and the palm force scattered like an avalanche, and the firm but gentle palm force instantly poured into Yuan Ye’s body.
Although the palm force is not very fierce, Yuan Ye still feels that he was beaten and vomited a big mouthful of blood again, but his body rushed forward like a left arrow with the help of this palm force, and he did not dare to stay for a moment.
The mountain forest quickly reversed Yuan Ye’s posture and swung it to the limit until he felt that he couldn’t run any further. At this moment, his double U was already numb and almost unconscious. He could no longer plop down to the ground, and the pain and fatigue directly made him feel faint.
It’s too difficult to kill a six-turn peak, that is, this time I planned this perfection and almost died in the siege.
On the other side of the jungle, I saw Yuan Ye escape again, but I didn’t lose a six-turn-peak strong door G Luan Mu, and more than 20 high-level people were killed. This time, I came home late to more than 50 people. In less than half a day, I actually went to more than a dozen people. This loss is rooted in the late family law.
Chi Cao felt that his eyes were dark and his body trembled, but he collapsed to the ground and was held by Chijiadi.


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