The flower family ordered me to realize my expectations of you at this moment. Flower family, please show your strength to the fullest.

And the flower prophet knows that Fu Haotian is beside the platform, so he won’t get hurt when Sun Fuchen loses, and he won’t ignore his old face and go to the flowering stage.
The flower prophet is already secretly planning to defeat Fu Chen at this time, and it is time to celebrate the flowering period.
In fact, Fu Chen didn’t mean to die in the flowering period. He was bent on the flower family, and he wanted the flower family to regain the honor of the first family again.
Tens of thousands of people in the square are crying when they see an old Fu Haotian walking near the platform. You know, other family elders are sitting 20 meters away from the platform to watch, but this shameless old guy is the only one who walks. What does he want to do? Does he want to wait for his grandson to lose and beat up the flowering period?
The older you get, the more shameless you are.
Fu Chen was just about to get ready to start work, only to find that Grandpa came near the platform, knowing that Grandpa was afraid of being injured and would disregard his face and escort himself near the platform. His heart was very touched with acid.
Grandpa loves to meet people most, but at this time he chose to protect me in front of tens of thousands of people, regardless of others’ spit and abuse.
I don’t know how the master can be distracted.
You know, although the flowering period is much higher than that of Fu Chen, it is easier to win, but his flowering period is not stupid, but he is a genius in cultivation
Fu Chen dares to challenge him directly at this time. Fu Chen is not kicked in the head by a donkey, so he is really powerful.
For hundreds of years, the flower family’s life has been overwhelmed by the flowering period, that is, he can easily defeat Fu Chen, and he will never despise Fu Chen.
Because he knows that belittling the enemy is tantamount to giving the enemy a chance to kill himself.
At this time, I saw that Fu Chen was distracted by the arrival of Fu Haotian and had locked Fu Chen’s qi machine. I immediately launched the body wind attribute, and I will solve Fu Chen in the shortest time.
As soon as the wrist shakes off the wind gun, the dragon cave generally blasters to Fu Chen’s chest.
Tens of thousands of people in the square saw the coming and going of the flowering period, and it was even more cheering. Did the great race of the Empire decide in one shot?
Fu Haotian saw this thunder blast and shot him for 70 years. At this time, he almost collapsed. He came to the tournament platform and not only didn’t help Fu Chen, but hurt him.
Fu Haotian’s body qi turned rapidly and he was about to jump to save Fu Chen. The scene that surprised him should not have surprised tens of thousands of people in the square.
After being strengthened by the three ancient compasses, Fu Chen’s body features are so strong that even women have a sixth sense. He also realized that Fu Chen’s body has already reached the point of abnormal condition.
In the flowering period of Taiyuan, his meridians passed two, but Fu Chen fully passed six. What concept is this? In a sense, Fu Chen is already a local teacher, and how can such a level be successfully attacked by a little guy?
Fu Chen slightly absent moment felt a strong strong breeze in his chest, busy stabilizing his mind, and his blue Yuan Yang sword with a red light shone obliquely away from the wind gun.
Sparks splashed at the moment of sword shooting.
Fu Chen flowering two people have to take a step back.
Tens of thousands of people square immediately became very quiet. Was that true just now?
Fu Chen’s sword is really pneumatic.
However, in Biyuan mainland, it is only too much to achieve the effect of releasing the true qi. This guy with rank and true qi can release the true qi.
Is this eternal iron law broken by this prodigal dude? Was that an illusion just now? Yes, it must be an illusion.
At that time, tens of thousands of people were surprised that Fu Chen just let out the true qi at the bottom of the sword, forgetting that Fu Chen could understate the flowering period, which was enough to defeat Fu Chen.
As everyone knows, Fu Chen just seems to have a sword with his hand, but it embodies the essence of his body. Whether it is angle strength or speed, it is a perfect balance.
The flowering shock will never be less than tens of thousands of people in the square.
He can deeply understand that just now, it was very similar to a sneak attack, and Fu Chen scored a tie, which caused a huge wave in his heart.
During the flowering period, I was also secretly glad that I didn’t despise Fu Chen from the beginning, otherwise it would be him this time.
Fu Chen knows that now is not the time to delay. Xiaoyou is likely to be in danger of being desecrated. It is still left to the flowering period to relive the sword that has just taken heaven and earth.
He smiled, and the fiery qi spun rapidly. At the same time, the ancient compass of Linghai spiraled rapidly, releasing rich qi Fu Chen’s drive.
The triple sword was put to good use, and the blood-red Biyuanyang sword was shot at flowering five meters away with a blood blade about one meter long and capable of tearing.
There are two deep black gullies on the platform made of big stones when the blood-red blade passes.
At this time, it’s no surprise at flowering. With the passage of those two blades, the temperature of gas in front of him has soared rapidly. Just looking at this Wushu surface, it must be very powerful
Calm down. He is good at Wushu.
Hands away from the wind gun from the left and right fierce draw a semicircle and immediately bring up a crescent storm.
waning moon
It seems stronger than two blood blades. When encountering this violent essence, the air knife immediately turned into a virtual surplus, and the power of the lightning blaster of the invincible air knife continued to boom towards Fu Chen.
At the flowering stage, he was shocked to see that two blood blades were so vulnerable, and his heart was faintly uneasy.
Fu Chen deliberately put the flowering period into the battle from one place. Only when the flowering period condensed his spirit and put himself into the fight against other martial arts, could he beat him unexpectedly.
In the flowering period, the Raptors helped Jiang Feng to be the same as Taiyuan, but the root of the strength gap between them was one day and one place.
Hundreds of years’ family history of Huajia is adding to the fact that those ghosts and gods have no martial arts skills. Compared with the flowering period, Jiang Feng is an amateur practice at best.
At this time, Fu Chen carefully created a war situation, so he hesitated.


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