Lin moved steadily, but he laughed face upwards. There were a lot of punches and scars on his body, but the glass light disappeared in the shape when it was running. I’m afraid even the big magic door Murray is not comparable.

Laughing and falling forest didn’t give the Teng brake any breathing space, but his body movement was a flash, and his body had gone too far, showing a series of blurred shadows.
And the most shocking thing is that every time with a ghosting shadow, the force fluctuates violently in the forest body, and the more violent it is.
Suddenly, Lin’s moving figure has walked in front of Teng Brake, and nine ghosting images have emerged behind it. At the same time, the fluctuation of the force is also crazy to the extreme. In Lin’s fists, it is magnificent to the extreme, and the force actually exudes a crystal luster.
Purple shadow nine broken
The force in Lin’s eyes suddenly exploded with one punch. Suddenly, this piece of heaven and earth was like a boiling force, which was condensed by the force. The hurricane boxing shadow was madly bombarded with Teng Brake.
This martial art is Lin Dong’s stealing nine martial arts from Teng Lei. With today’s strength rising, he has been able to thoroughly display this martial art to the extreme, and the power is even more powerful.
Bang bang bang.
Hurricane boxing shadow over the hard ground is directly cracked, and huge cracks spread like spiders, which leads to a lot of Yin Zong Qiang’s face showing horror. It can be seen that Lin Dong is strong and overbearing.
In front of the forest, the Teng brake induces the forest to move this powerful recruit, and the complexion is even more gloomy. However, he did not evade the plan at all, but instead stepped on Yin and folded and suddenly exploded.
Little beast, since you are so proud, the patriarch will let you see with your own eyes what is called the means of achieving greatness through nature.
As Teng brake binge drinking suddenly majestic powerful force with baizhang waves surge up behind it, the potential is terrible than that.
First Geng
Now the recommended votes have reached 5.2 thousand, and everyone is very poor. The last two thousand recommended votes will be the third today, and everyone will smash the recommended votes.
Monthly ticket is also being chased by crazy people, and everyone is eager to help. A monthly ticket is to be continued. You are my biggest. Chapter three hundred and thirty-one A bloody battle.
Hua Hua
The waves formed by Yuan Li’s condensation were swept by the waves formed behind Teng Brake, which made people wonder whether the huge waves in front of them were Yuan Li or real chalk.
All over the sky, the waves are still rolling, and the Teng brake is a pedal wave, which is as terrible as a statue of a fiend. The terrible breath spreads from its body chalk and surges in the sky.
Obviously, this Teng brake is really a course to the extreme with the great strength of nature.
In that wide chalk field, several eyes were shocked and looked at the huge waves surging in the sky. If they were white, it would be a river of blood if the waves hit here at this time.
Nature’s powerful chalk force has come to this point. Looking at the waves that are as high as hundreds of feet, even Murray Wuzong, the two nature’s small strength and strong martial arts, the divine starting heart is full of shock. Even if the two of them join hands, I am afraid it is done. This has to make people sigh that nature’s great strength is too fierce.
This Teng brake strength is also improving too fast. Murray Wuzong looked at each other with a shock from each other’s eyes. From the perspective of strength, Teng brake is obviously far more than them.
I don’t know if this forest should deal with this Teng brake. This time, it is obviously not going to keep it.
It is also quite dignified to hear Mu Lei sighing beside him. At this time, the fighting between the two sides has entered a white-hot stage. No matter who has made a slight negligence, it may be that he died on the spot.
Hua Hua
All over the sky, the surge of the waves saw that the shape of the Teng brake suddenly dropped slowly, and finally it was completely submerged in the heavy waves, and a little bright light broke out, and suddenly the huge waves turned out to be visible to the naked eye.
However, as Yuan Litao’s waves shrink, that bright light is getting brighter and brighter, and later it turns out to be so bright that even the sunshine is covered up, and at the same time, an extremely violent fluctuation is also spreading wildly.
Today, Lin Dong, I will show you that when the martial arts of nature are put to good use, they are equally powerful.
As that bright light broke out, it suddenly rose in the cold and drank suddenly in the waves.
The Great Wilderness Divides Hai Yin
Suddenly, the force of heaven and earth fluctuated violently, and the huge wave of force was actually torn apart by an irresistible force. Generally, a bright light beam suddenly exploded into the sky and directly condensed into a mysterious handprint the size of a hundred feet.
In that huge photoetch, an extremely terrible fluctuation swept wildly, which directly attracted strong winds in the sky, vaguely like the great waves condensing in the photoetch.
Wild points Hai Yin Fang Lin moving eye pupil miniature looked at the huge light print from the surface he felt a little familiar with fluctuations and listen to the name, it seems that this force should also be Teng brake obtained from wild ancient monuments, but this creature force fluctuation is not as tough as Lin imagined.
Hum, at best, you can calculate the force of nature and dare to talk nonsense. It’s really ridiculous. Lin’s eyes flashed and he immediately saw the clue. Teng Brake is stronger than Jiuwu, but it’s not a force of nature.
It’s enough to pick you up
Seeing the clue by Lin Dong Teng Brake’s complexion is also some cold and new smile. Immediately, a slap on the huge light seal suspended in the sky is an extreme terrorist potential, which explodes against Lin Dong.
in a grand fashion
The light seal has not yet touched the ground, and the terrible fluctuation has directly caused the wide chalk field to collapse. The Xuanyin Mountain is shaking and the boulder is rolling down, and the end is coming.
Lin looked up at the sharp amplification in the eye pupil, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth. When the palm of his hand turned over, the fierce futon from the auction flashed.
Accumulate the futon of God, and now the mind of Lin is moving. Thick and vigorous than the spirit force is pouring into it quickly, and with the fusion of two forces, the fierce futon suddenly emerges a road that is almost chaotic. The energy is a strange energy, which is the fusion of the spirit force and the spirit force.
As soon as the fine force condenses, Lin’s hands change like a flash, and with its changes, the force around heaven and earth fluctuates violently, and then it seems to be attracted to flood into the fierce futon, and then the vigorous spirit merges into the fine force.
This kind of integration needs to pay attention to balance, but now that Lin’s spirit has been promoted to the senior talisman, it is amazing that ordinary people can reach the futon with a huge beam of light condensed by the fine force and go straight into the sky


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