How can it be possible to attack him like that?

The blood in the chest is still coming to the Seven Kings Temple. With a wave of his hand, his eyes are sullen and he sees the monstrous magic sea coming in, but all his figures are covered up.
Don’t pretend to be in front of me, Lin Dong. Although your previous offensive was fierce, I don’t believe that you can continue to display it today, no matter your life, I am doomed.
In the magic sea, the gloomy sound of the Seven Kings Hall is all around, which makes Lin’s dynamic root method distinguish his position. Obviously, this guy is also extremely clever. After eating a big loss, he never dares to be a target again.
Lin’s facial expression is holding the thunder bow and the palm of his hand is slowly tightening up.
Five kings, you also kill this little one with my hand.
In the magic sea, it seems that it can kill the seven kings’ halls of Lin Dong, and it is necessary to put the identity to join hands with the other five different demons.
Qingzhu Ling heard this and went to the jade hand beside Lin’s departure, clutching Qingfeng’s sword and staring at the sky churning and the magic sea.
With a wave of his hand, Lin’s sleeve robe devours the celestial corpse and flashes his eyes again. The Seven Kings Temple is right. Previously, the offensive consumption was no less than the display of Zufu’s weak eyes. With this attack, he killed the Seven Kings Temple, but he always underestimated the indomitable vitality of the different demons.
Moreover, he can’t display his eye fear continuously now, and he can also rely on devouring the corpse to delay for a while. When he recovers a little, he will continue to fuel the bow and black arrow, and he will be hit hard by the Seven Kings Hall again.
But when he can’t hand this period, I don’t know if Qingzhu Ling alone can stop the offensive of the five different demons in the Seven Kings Hall.
In his mind, the idea turned sharply, and the sea of magic gas was full of murder and binge drinking, and then six magic gas beams suddenly swept at them
You first restore Qingzhu Ling, looking at the Seven Kings Temple and others to attack the silver teeth and bite her again. Obviously, it is also white at this time, and the sword in her hand is also a faint light.
Lin looked at immediately slightly anxious that although the Seven Kings Hall was injured by him, these different magic lives were extremely tenacious, and even with such injuries, they could still fight against each other with such strength as Qingzhu Ling.
Hum, you monsters dare to run to my dark city and run wild. Do you really think my dark temple is a soft persimmon?
However, just as Lin was about to force his hand, there was a fierce anger at the distant place, and then the sky flashed. This world suddenly became dark, and suddenly I saw a petite beautiful image that had been plundered with two figures. Finally, next to Lin’s departure, it was impressively that the two dark temples of Qingtan were too long and old.
Green sandalwood Lin move to see this sudden help is zheng soon heart always quietly breathed a sigh of relief.
Brother Lin Dong, are you all right? Looking at Lin Dong’s hand full of blood, Qingtan immediately said hastily, we searched the dark city for thousands of miles, but we didn’t find any trace of you. Fortunately, this piece of energy fluctuated before, so we hurried over.
Lin moved and shook his head. When he looked up at Tianqingtan and others, he arrived, but he was not afraid of the Seven Kings Hall.
Monty sea surge that seven Wang Dian six people also stopped. They looked at the arrival of Qingtan and others, and their faces were also gloomy. I didn’t expect the mistresses to suddenly become like this. Instead of being killed by Lin, he was badly injured by an arrow.
What about the Seven Kings Hall? The five different demons looked at the Seven Kings Hall and asked in a low voice.
The eyes of the Seven Kings Temple flashed ferocious. He covered his chest and his face with a pale color. Immediately, the new way was, since I’m here, I’ll get rid of a group of ants, too, and I’m delusional and insane.
Listen to the seven Wang Dianyin full of murder, and the five different demons’ eyes are also full of murder, and they want to completely kill all the people.
Fang Qingtan said that it was also a cold hum, a small hand holding a dark holy sickle, and then the sickle body flashed and the sickle spirit was summoned.
Aside, the two dark temples are too long, and the chalk is always looking solemn. The chalk force is always ready to start work.
And with the eyes of both sides getting colder, an earth-shattering war is obviously going to be exhibited here.
However, just when the tense atmosphere was extremely strong, the heavens and the earth suddenly resounded with extremely loud thunder, and everyone in the field was surprised and looked up at the end of the line of sight in the distance.
In the darkness, the world suddenly brightened up, and the world of thunder spread at an alarming speed. In that sky of thunder, a tall figure stepped on the thunder, and there was a horrible breath of French words.
Time filled the world.
When the Seven Kings Temple saw this figure of stepping on thunder, its always gloomy face was always filled with fright and color loss.
Thunder Lord Chapter one thousand two hundred and forty-two Thunder Lord
When these two words were spoken in the mouth of the Seven Kings Temple, the people present were all shocked, and then their eyes were amazed. The thunder world boomed in the distance, and in the thunder all over the sky, a huge figure stepped forward and jumped forward.
Lin Dong is also a figure that shakes and looks at the thunder. Is this the ancient Lord, the thunder Lord, in the mouth of Lord Yan?
That figure is very fast. When the thunder resounds through the fashion and stays at the edge of the sky, when the thunder falls, you can see this piece of sky, and the thunder light gathers into a figure, which is how it appears in people’s sight.
At this time, Lin Dong and others were able to see clearly that the bearer was tall and strong, about middle-aged with short silver hair. He looked quite rough with thick eyebrows and a pair of thunder pupils, which were full of cold and violent rage. In his bare arms, he wore a thunder totem, an ancient and violent fluctuation looming to make heaven and earth tremble slightly.


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