It is possible that she has not told him these words, and her own interests are far more important than family interests in her brother’s mind.

It was drizzling every day since the separation of the Shenyang family. Shen Qiutong asked his followers to leave their people and go to settle themselves first, while he walked alone in the street without knowing what he was thinking.
Suddenly, Shen Qiutong had an umbrella on his head. Shen Qiutong looked up and saw Xie Huairan coming to her side in a blue garment.
Shen Qiutong couldn’t help sighing, "Xie Huairan will. You should know that I won’t marry you. I won’t be swallowed up by the huge Xie family by my people."
They have known each other since they were quite young, and the two of them quietly have a heart for each other in seed of love.
However, the problem that they cross each other will not be regarded as Xie Huairan’s master because they have the same heart. She had to take care of her brother at that time, and now her brother doesn’t need her care, and there are people. They can’t even be together aboveboard.
Shen Qiutong, who was already more mature than Xie Huairan, took the lead in separating.
At that time, Xie Huairan looked gloomy and didn’t want to stay, but he didn’t want to be alone for the next few years.
Xie Huairan didn’t take Shen Qiutong’s refusal to heart, but said, "I am now the main position of Xie Jia, or the times are doomed to be a family in the past. I have begun to dissolve Xie Jia and no longer let Xie Jia be so huge. Although the benefits will be smaller, the tie will also be reduced."
"Will you be so afraid that many people will be dissatisfied?"
If people are dissatisfied with Xie Huairan, the prestige of this householder will also drop.
"In fact, many people know that with the imperial examination, the family of poor scholars will eventually be eliminated, but they are not willing to give up their interests. Since I am already the head of Xie Family, it is natural to protect more people’s interests instead of interests. Once there are interests in my eyes, it is difficult to come out." Xie Huairan said.
"In the future, I also want to make the people master the imperial examinations, but not look at their status. Only in this way can the family be more prosperous." Chatting Shen Qiutong decided that the Shenyang family would walk in the future
Xie Huairan’s planning for Xie Jia is similar.
Suddenly Xie Huairan stopped to look at Shen Qiutong and said, "Qiu Tong, if you want to have children in the future, can your father consider me?"
Shen Qiutong lowered his eyes. "I really want a child with my surname, but it’s unfair to you, isn’t it?"
She took advantage of it. It makes no sense for Xie Huairan to suffer all the time
In fact, Xie Huairan’s mind is still Shen Qiutong knows that she is not the same.
"It’s really unfair to me if you choose a heartless man to be your child’s future father."
"Qiu Tong, I am confident to walk with you. What about you?" Xie Huairan looked at Shen Qiutong with great expectation.
Shen Qiutong really doesn’t want the light in a man’s eyes to dim. He can’t help but turn away and say, "Since you have said so, let’s try and see if we can make it to the end …"
If they really can’t walk in the future, they won’t leave any regrets.
Compared with Shen Qiutong and Xie Huairan, they have great autonomy and can control their own lives.
A few years later, Xie Huai-ran, the Xie family, was still unmarried, and all the elders in the Xie family turned white and glared at Xie Yu-yuan, the fourth uncle of Xie family.
"It’s all because you brought a good start. We let you marry at the beginning. You have to make a fuss. Now it’s okay. You’ve ruined everything!" Xie Gu elders blame Xie Yuyuan way
"What is your identity but what is your identity! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have children, but how can you not have children? "Xie Gu elders worried.
Thanks to Xie Gu streamlining a lot now, otherwise there will be more around Xie Yuyuan and Xie Huairan an uncle at the moment.
"Smelly little you’d come out and say two words." Xie Yuyuan didn’t good the spirit way to Xie Huairan’s nephew and felt that his nephew was weak and let him stand in front and be scolded.
If it was because of him, he would have recognized the key. No.
Seeing that some elders have said to tie him directly to meet the bride and get married, Xie Huairan finally came out. "Please wait a few months for your elders. I will give them an explanation when I arrive."
Xie Huairan is still very reputable. Xie’s elders stopped for a while until a few months later, Xie Huairan directly held a girl who had just come out of the full moon in his arms and told the elders that this was his real daughter.
Xie’s elders look at Xie Huairan and look at his arms. The little one almost spits out old blood. "What about this child!"
"Child niang identity confidential" Xie Huairan way
How the elders in the family ask Xie Huairan just doesn’t say who the mother is.
Xie Gu elders looked at Xie Huairan with a huff and puff, and there was really no way to say, "Why is your generation so outrageous? If the mistress of Shenyang was born out of wedlock, forget about the Wangs. Wang Lingsheng was born in the Wangs’ home. The Wangs directly hugged their sister and gave birth to a child. The child’s direct mother is unknown. Now give us a definite sentence. Is this child your own? Don’t just bring it from the outside. "
Xie Huairan nodded. "The child is really my own, I swear."
With that, Xie Huairan looked at her little daughter in her arms, and the boss was pitiful at her mother’s knees. The little daughter was brought home by him just after she was born. If it is not urgent, he is going to let the child stay with her mother for a few more years.
But even so, Xie Huairan sent the child back to Shen Qiutong after showing his face at home a little.
Xie’s family naturally frowned and was dissatisfied, but they also vaguely noticed something. Some soft-hearted elders directly looked at Xie Huairan and sighed, "Is it worthwhile for you to be pregnant?"
It’s worth giving them up. He set a good road to take the thorny path.
They don’t know the identity of Xie Huairan’s biological mother, but they must be inconvenient to show up.
"Nature is worth it for me," Xie Huairan affirmed to his elders.
The elders sighed that Xie Huairan’s children had come out. What can they do?
In this way, after Xie’s stalemate was broken for several years, no one worried about Xie Huairan’s marriage anymore.
There is no impenetrable wall in the world. Even if Xie Huairan and Shen Qiutong keep a low profile, their parents can’t restrain their love for women. Slowly, some people know that Xie Huairan’s daughter and Shen Qiutong’s son are biological brothers and sisters. Do Xie Huairan and Shen Qiutong still say that?
When Xie Huairan’s father knew it, he was furious and asked Xie Huairan, "Why don’t you hold your son back but your daughter?"
I feel that my father despises his daughter, and Xie Huairan is unhappy. "When is this, father, you still prefer boys to girls?"
"Since you don’t like your granddaughter, don’t see her again."
"When did I say that I don’t like my granddaughter? You never listen to the wind and rain." Xie Fu gritted his teeth and even if he was patriarchal, he didn’t dare to admit it at this time, otherwise he would never see his granddaughter again.
Didn’t he change his mind when he was a child? Since then, Xie Huairan has not been close to his father, especially Xie Huairan, who is so stubborn that he really dares to hate his granddaughter Xie Huairan and can really make him see her.
"She is a woman. How can you, as a father, have the heart to let her suffer from hardships since childhood?" Xie Fu loves his granddaughter dearly and blames Xie Huairan for being a father and making his daughter suffer.
What I got was Xie Huairan mocking a smile. "Is the boy’s family born with hardships?" Boys get more when they grow up, and daughters get less when they grow up. "


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