The left hand is slowly lifting a piece of black data in Pang Xia’s left hand palm, and the flow speed is getting faster and faster.

In the end, the black data is constantly rotated and a black ball floats in Pang Xia’s hand.
Just after the contraction of the black ball reached its extreme, a little white light appeared in the center of the black ball, which was very conspicuous.
Seeing this, Pang Xia suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. He knew that he had bet right this time and was bound to be able to save the day.
The little white light in the black sphere is the data that Pang Xia has never been very white.
According to the former Serpent, the white data should be the source of this world.
These white data are extremely powerful to all people who invade the world from the outside.
Because they are intruders, they are unwelcome objects in this world!
So when Pang Xia borrowed the white data representing the world source,
It is extremely lethal to people in the outside world, which is also the reason why he hit the gluttony hard at the beginning.
Releasing the palm of your hand lifted the ban, which freed the serpent from Pang Xia’s suppression.
However, when Pang Xia lifted the ban, the serpent not only did not attack immediately, but retreated a distance.
He looked at Pang Xia’s head, a black ball with a white light spot, and his eyes were full of fear.
Obviously, the serpent has recognized that the white light spot represents the world source data of this world.
If you want to get contaminated with that thing, the serpent feels that he is afraid to explain it here.
Therefore, after thinking about it, I finally got the wind.
As soon as the serpent roared, a stream of black data would break away.
However, Pang Xia, how can you just let the serpent leave his sight?
The hand black data stream keeps pouring into the black sphere.
But see the black ball quickly into a tiny flying needle.
That little white light is at the tip of the flying needle!
"Odyssey, you want to run, but it’s not so easy to pick me up!"
It is said that Bi Pangxia flashed the flying needle with one hand and appeared after the black data stream changed by the serpent.
Then directly into the stream of black data and disappear into the huge black data.
At this time, a pain roar from the black data stream naturally belongs to the serpent.
At this time, the serpent kept yelling at the hall, "Chaos, please help me!"
"Save you? Even if I am contaminated with this world source data, there is no good field. How can I save you?
In my opinion, you’d better give me your data so that I can help you get revenge. "
With a full of evil feelings, it seems that men and women speak and speak at the same time.
A huge claw came into being from the virtual reality, and it was firmly grasped in the black data stream transformed by the serpent!
Chapter 693 A serious mouth gun attack!
The serpent roared with pain in the air.
The huge claws tore up most of the black data stream transformed by the serpent.
Then drag and drop directly back to the square hall without a trace.
Most of the source data is lost, and the serpent is quickly eliminated by the world source data in the case of great power loss.
The serpent screams at death and roars at chaos.
At this time, Pang Xia took out a handful of Dan medicine from his backpack with one hand and one grip, and all these Dan medicines turned into black data.
Open your mouth and suck the black data of Dan medicine into your mouth to make up for the previous loss.
Then PangXia look at the front hall directly toward the hall and went in.
Pushing the door, Pang Xia immediately saw that the hall was in darkness, and even his data vision could not see anything.
Frowning slightly, Pang Xia is ready to quit first to explore Bai’s situation here and say something else.
However, before Pang Xia retreated, the darkness in the hall suddenly wrapped Pang Xia.
Then the darkness retracted into the main hall, and everything seemed to be calm automatically.
At this time, Pang Xia was surrounded by darkness, reaching out to see his hand clearly.
Pang Xia knew that the darkness was not caused by no light or black smoke.
Otherwise, Pang Xia’s hand will inevitably make him unable to see his arm clearly.
However, Pang Xia was able to see his arm clearly just now, just like in the sunshine.
All this darkness must be caused by some special reason.
Pondering for a while, Pang Xia shook his head and couldn’t think of what caused the dark environment
However, he can be sure that there is no news in Zhang Sanfeng, and Su Rongrong’s disappearance must have something to do with these darkness.
Just as Pang Xia was thinking, a pale hand slowly stretched out from the darkness and grabbed it at Pang Xia.
But just as Pang Xia was about to be caught by this hand, Pang Xia suddenly turned around and slashed the knife.
When Pang Xia’s hand knife is about to be cut in the pale palm, the hand instantly decomposes and disappears into the darkness.
At this time, the sound like a man is like a woman, and it rings in Pang Xia’s ear again.
"Little brother, you are so rude. It really breaks my heart."
If it’s a woman’s voice, even if it’s a lover’s scene, the neutral tone pang Xia won’t react
But it’s almost fatal to say such a thing with a mixed voice like male and female.
Pangxia corners of the mouth twitching a pair of stepped on shit expression said, "come on, let the dead transvestite you come to me.
See if I don’t beat you to death with a big ear melon, and you will be quiet.
If you have to talk, the sound you have to make is noise pollution.
Do you have a sense of public morality, a sense of humiliation, and a sense of moral integrity?
You said that you can’t pretend to be a woman and talk in a good way! "
Pang Xia’s voice fell and the sound like a man and a woman disappeared for a while.


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